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August Blog Round-Up

by Krista

August_trafficAugust wasn’t so shabby for my little London food and restaurant blog, particularly considering London’s vast emptiness in August. You know this was the second-best month my blog has ever had.

While the cats were away (literally), I finally updated my London postcode list to include all the new postcodes I’ve been to. And I updated the woefully out-of-date "Types of Food" list as well. Plus, there are some of the other cities I’ve been to and written about newly installed down there on the left.

At the Covent Garden Night Market, I ate the food and drank the champagne for hours. For free. With my cousin and Canadia Boy and Stacey and a number of other London food and restaurant bloggers. Good times. Excellently so.

Most excitingly, in August, the folks at WOM World/Nokia hooked me up with a Nokia N82 phone. I get to use it for two months and I’m already digging it a lot more than my old Blackberry and my newer Sony Ericsson 960.  I was able to hook up Typepad’s Symbian application so I could post directly from my phone which should come in handy as I’m traveling around London and elsewhere this month. Eating in restaurants. And blogging. I really can’t tell you how dorked-out I am about mobile blogging.

Oh yes, and in August I went to Madrid. And Istanbul. And really, I’m very glad to be "home" and not traveling for a while. (She laughs!)

Top Five Referring Sites (Not Including Search Engines)
Stonch’s Beer Blog
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Very Good Taste (A newcomer, propelled upwards by traffic generated by The Omnivore’s Hundred, I’m guessing.)
Food & Drink in London
Cheese & Biscuits

Top Five Sites that Brought Me NEW Traffic
Stonch’s Beer Blog
London Review of Breakfasts
Very Good Taste
Mmm Yoso
Twitter Follow that link to follow me…

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