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The 10 Best Things I Bought in 2011

by Krista

I really enjoyed writing my “Ten Best Things I Bought in 2010” post, so I thought I’d give this another shot this year. The list is a little different because I’ve had a place to live all this year, so I don’t need things like toasters anymore. I find myself buying more little luxuries. So here’s what I bought and liked in 2011.

My Black & Decker Rice Cooker. I love this little guy. Throw some jasmine rice in, and then in the steamer basket, add some some frozen prawns and some frozen peapods. Now you’ve got dinner for two in about 20 minutes. (It’s a very small rice cooker.) Tip: Sriracha makes everything delicious.  $13.85 from Amazon.com.

Cowshed Facial Toner. During my stay at the Dean Street Townhouse in London earlier this year, I got hooked on this toner from Cowshed.  It makes my skin feel milky soft and is so mild, I find myself using it again and again in the course of a day. 16 GBP from Cowshed online.

Dre Beats Headphones. Just in case that last item is turning off all the dudes who read my blog, I really dig my Dre Beats Headphones. I look like a tool wearing them on public transport, but the sounds are immense. Currently $167.63 on Amazon.com.

Cheap-o JVC Headphones. I am constantly losing or breaking headphones. I blame the airline industry. These headphones are my favorite cheap ones to buy in bulk so that I always have an extra pair and don’t have to shell out $30 in airports. Fits snugly in and around the ear when exercising. (I apparently have small ears as ear buds like those from Apple never fit.) The headphones are generally around $14 a pair, but you can find them sometimes for a lot cheaper. Like for $8 or $9. Check Amazon for this model.

The Happiness Project. I finally got around to reading this little treasure of a book, and boy am I glad I did. Much food for thought, all of it aimed at discovering and leading a lighter, happier life. Seems like it would be especially nice to read at the beginning of a year when you’re making resolutions. Now if only I could get everyone in my family to read it. $17.15 from Amazon.

My Charlene Mullen London Pillow. Makes me smile every time. Gorgeously embroidered. 165 GBP from Charlene Mullen online.

More from Klaus Haapaniemi. I love love love anything by Klaus, so when I was in London over the summer, I met him on another street corner and purchased another one of his beautiful prints. 350 GBP direct from Klaus’ Website. Cappuccino at Shoreditch House not included.

My Nike Air Cole Haans. Four pairs. Various prices. Available on the Cole Haan Website. So comfortable. Sign up for their mailing list because they frequently do 30% off and 40% off promotions. I never pay list price anymore.

Cowshed Conditioner: This stuff has seriously changed my very thick and unruly hair forever. Works especially well if you leave it in for a while. Another discovery from my stay at The Dean Street Townhouse. 16 GBP online from Cowshed, or call the spa in NYC and ask if they can get you any.

My Starwood American Express Card. OK, okay. I know it’s not a “thing” that one buys and it’s so odd that it comes after a hair product, but this is how I live my life people. Without this card, how else would I have spent three nights in London earlier this year? Or stayed at the W Fort Lauderdale like I’m doing now? POINTS, people. Points. People ask me how it is that I travel so much for fun, and although I would love to say it’s because I’m independently wealthy, it’s really because I’m a mileage and points addict. $65 annual membership fee. Worth every single penny. You should get one. I wonder if they have an affiliate program so I can get some credit for the referrals??

So that’s what I bought and liked in 2011. What about you? Anything you particularly liked that I should keep my eye out for? Let me know!

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