Wine Bar: Cellar Gascon

Posted by Krista on June 26, 2004

Cellar Gascon
59 West Smithfield Road


020 7796 0600

The Victim: Jordi

Date of Last Visit: April 27, 2004

I like Cellar Gascon more than averagely, but less than a lot. It’s cute and dark and romatic, and the food is FUN–lots of little tapas. We had some squid that was delicious; it almost tasted like eating gourmet potato chips, and I mean that in the best possible way. Yummy. Foie gras was also quite yummy.

Things are a bit hazy because I drank A LOT of red wine that night. (We were pre-celebrating my 30th birthday) But I know I had a nice time and service was great and friendly and I promised them I’d come back but I haven’t been back since. I wish I could provide you with more details, but all I can really say is that I liked the place, it was fun, it was good you should go.

The Verdict: Go on a date here.

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