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Where I’ve Been Eating in London Lately, Summer Edition

by Krista

Summer is over. This makes me sad. London, you’ve delivered a particularly nice summer this summer. I’m not eager to get back into black tights and start wearing coats again. I’m not eager for shorter days either, but I guess I won’t mind the sun rising later in the morning so I can snag more zzzzs. The time has passed so quickly…I never really got around to doing all the things that I said I was going to do. But I have been having some fun. A lot of fun actually. London, you are long on fun. Here’s where I’ve been eating and drinking lately.

IMG_0694Posh Roast at Bob Bob Ricard in Soho: Ah, how I love weekend plans. I look forward to them all week long. A nice long lazy Sunday lunch with friends is the best. But what happens when your friend cancels on you last minute? Hmmm…you tweet to the universe that your Sunday lunch plans have been canceled, and Chris Pople responds and invites you to lunch at Bob Bob Ricard, where you proceed to (elegantly) stuff your face with the hugest and most luscious Sunday roast you’ve really ever had. Thank you, Chris and thank you Leonid. I was a guest of Chris and Bob Bob Ricard. We left a tip behind.

The Black Luce at Clerkenwell Social

Hatching Plans at Clerkenwell Social in EC1 with Chris and Denise: I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging and money and how back in 2010, I actually made a decent amount through this site. I really would like to make money again so I met up with Chris and Denise to tell them about my plan and to see if they’d join. Over somewhat flabby pizzas but absolutely delicious cocktails at the new Clerkenwell Social, we talked about my MAKE MONEY ONLINE idea and now we’re building it up and seeing if it will work. I have a feeling it will take six months or so to really get going, but we shall see. If you have any ideas re: how to monetize food and travel blogs, please drop me a note! I was a guest of Chris and Clerkenwell Social. We left a tip behind.


View from the lift to Sushi Samba Rio

Snacks with Lee at Sushi Samba Rio off Liverpool Street: I was invited to a PR party and brought Lee along and we went and it was terrible. 100 people squeezed into a very small space and let’s just say that the organizers were very economical with the truth in putting together their invite. So we escaped to the top of the Heron Tower, where we enjoyed more than a few cocktails and sushi rolls. I like Sushi Samba Rio, especially during a tube strike when there’s no one on the patio except for the people who can easily get home! I think there’s better sushi to be had in London for less money, but if it’s a scene you are after, Sushi Samba is the place for you.

The bill at Pidgin

The bill at Pidgin

Dinner at Pidgin in Hackney with Ben, Fi and Alanna: Ben booked us a table at Pidgin in Hackney and we had a lovely time and drank a lot of white wine. A lot of wine. Karaoke-worthy levels of wine! But no one picked up on my not so subtle hints. At Pidgin, they play rainforest sounds in the surprisingly spacious loo. I say surprisingly spacious because Pidgin itself is not a big place. Make a booking now to snag one of the few coveted tables.


Snacks at Champagne & Fromage  in Greenwich with Denise and Rosanna: Denise invited us out to Greenwich to hang out at Champagne & Fromage, where the charcuterie was outstanding and artfully presented, and the champagne list was perfectly concise. Let me tell you, when it’s banging down raining, there’s nothing better than cozying up inside with some encased meats and a bottle or three of Champagne. We had a really nice time here. Careful, though, Champagne & Fromage in Greenwich is very small. I was a guest of Denise and Champagne & Fromage, but we paid our own way on *some* (LOL) extra champagne. 

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kaszeta September 14, 2015 - 2:35 pm

Hmmm, Bob Bob Ricard looks interesting. Added that to my possible hit list for next month.

keto recipes September 15, 2015 - 3:27 pm

Love the view from the Sushi Samba Rio spot. London looks like fun. Thanks for the post 🙂 pinned

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