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Turkish: Pasha

by Krista

301 Upper Street
N1 2TU
Tel: 020 7226 1454

Date of Last Visit: Saturday, March 22nd

The Victim: Me, myself and I

The Damage: £15?

The Background: I was out shopping on Oxford Street and it was just too early for lunch at Maroush. I mean, maybe they would have taken me at 11:30, but I doubted it. So I figured by the time I got back to my neck of the woods, a restaurant with hummous somewhere would welcome me. Because that was what I was in the mood for. Hummous.

The Entrance: Pasha is empty except for a woman dining alone with a newspaper, much like me. (I've got Time Out though.) The decor is sorta hotel-like…nothing exciting. Clean and calming. Service is just so sweet that I am endeared to Pasha immediately. I order some hummous, sprinkled with bits of crispy lamb. And a chicken shish.

The Food: Both are perfect and just what I needed. Are they super gourmet? No. But are they nicely done and nicely presented and nicely delivered? Yes to all those things. After I polish off my starter and main, my server sweetly suggests some baklava and a coffee. And how can I say no?

The Verdict: I like it here.

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Azar July 22, 2008 - 7:06 pm

Great reviews. Though I didn’t see one for Sofra which has good, reliable Turkish food. IThe dessert of fresh apricots with clotted cream and pistachios is unforgettable. I’ve been to the one near Stanhope Row which is tucked away next to the Shepherd’s Tavern, a decent pub with an eclectic crowd. Sofra tends to be quite cramped and small, so go to the pub for drinks afterwards. On Friday and Saturdays when the crowd spills out into the street is always amusing

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