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Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

by Krista


Tokyo rocks. I can’t wait to go back. I need to spend more time exploring Tsukiji. I got to the market last Tuesday morning at 3:40 a.m. to meet my Tsukiji tour guide, Mr. Nakamura. Mr Nakamura used to work at the market himself.


During the tour of the market, I saw frozen tuna…

And I saw fresh tuna.

And then I went to Dai Wa Sushi and had a superbly awesome breakfast. I would have taken more photos, but the staff weren’t too keen on photo-taking. I squeezed in just this one.

In short, I would get up at 3 a.m. again to go tour Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market and I would highly recommend Nakamura-san as your tour guide.

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Douglas July 29, 2008 - 11:48 am


New Yorker in London July 29, 2008 - 12:26 pm

Oh man, how I wish I were having that excellent sushi right now. A couple of other places to try, if you have time: Ten-Ichi tempura in the Ginza District, Kozue at the Park Hyatt (they do a modern interpretation of kaiseki), and the place at the top of the Sumitomo Building (but I can’t recall the name). Looking forward to hearing what else you find in Tokyo.

Alexthepink July 29, 2008 - 8:18 pm

Wow, I would love to visit! I’ve been to the wet markets in Hong Kong but this looks spectacular (especially the frozen tuna!).

Helen Yuet Ling Pang July 30, 2008 - 12:36 pm

You’re sooo lucky! I’ve been to Tokyo four times, and can’t believe I’ve still not made it here. Last time I was very close to going. Next time!

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