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They’re Everywhere: Maroush IV

by Krista

68 Edgware Road
London W2 2EG
020 7224 9339

Date of Last Visit: Sunday, March 19

The Victims: Brian, Sarah, Bernard, Rafa, Anna, Dan, Simone, Damien, Suneeta, Aroma, Tony, Barry, Chris Evelien

The Damage: Really reasonable. A feast, for something like 14 quid each (no alcohol).

Brian and I had planned on brunch for about 8 people. If we were lucky. As usual, I was on time, and everyone else was not. Brian arrived about 15 minutes later, followed by Aroma and Tony. We grabbed a spot at Maroush IV. Please note that there are quite a few Maroush’s around Edgware Road. Make sure you’ve got the right one. We were in the one on the corner.

Well, at 2:30 p.m., we were 6, and by 3 p.m, we were 10 and then at 3:30, we were 13. The poor waitstaff remained pleasant throughout, even though we were pains. They get points for that.

We put Chris in charge of ordering, and he did a fine job as always. Lots of hummous and babaganoush and that special deep fried cheese that’s oh so good, but so, so, so bad. Ah yes, the labda, which I’ve written about before. I love Labna. (Is it cheese or is it yogurt?) Chris also ordered us up some meat ball things and some sort of shish kebab like meat. My least favorite part was the meat that looked like parma ham. I normally like everything, but it really was too strong tasting.

Lots of people enjoyed freshly squeeze fruit juice throughout their meal. Sarah was suspicious about how freshly squeezed it would be, but was highly complimentary of her juice when it arrived.

At the end of our meal, they brought us out all these delicious Lebanese pastries. Like baklava, only tinier and more delicious. When we left the restaurant, there were still a few sitting there and I really just wanted to scoop them all into my pocket, they were so, so good. I’m still thinking about them, two weeks later. Lovely.

The Verdict: You can’t go wrong with any of the Maroushes.

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