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Gastropub: The Peasant

by Krista

240 St Johns Street


Tel: 020 7336 7726

Date of Last Visit: October 22, 2004

The Victim: David (was this a date? i’m not sure!)

If I lived here, I would eat here all the time. I had no expectations, and they were all exceeded. Firstly, the pub is a nice one, with great music. I am a sucker for the Buena Vista Social Club, and that’s what they were playing as I made my way into the ladies. Secondly, I like the upstairs/downstairs thing; fun bar downstairs, cute restaurant upstairs.

So we were tucked away in a little corner upstairs and we had the duck liver as an appetizer and it was delicious. And the bread was quite tasty too, although there was almost too much of it. We got a bottle of merlot and it was perfect, but I’d had too much red wine already! And what else? I ordered the duck because you know I’m a sucker for duck and it was delicious. I love sweet potatoes too. I wish I could tell you what David ordered, but I don’t remember, but I think he liked it. In fact, I’m sure he liked it.

Service was sweet, albeit not so efficient. In general, a wonderful experience and I’d go back in a heartbeat. Afterwards, we went downstairs to the bar and although the French-speaking bar boy was very smelly, he was very pleasant. I wish this was my neighborhood pub.

The Verdict: Go. And go again and again.

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