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The Problem with Flying First Class

by Krista

I know. You don’t feel sorry for me. But here is the problem with flying first class. YOU SLEEP TOO MUCH. During my 15 hour flight from Chicago to Hong Kong, I slept about eight hours and then I was in a trancelike state for four hours and then I spent like three hours eating. 90 minutes on the dinner service at least (I was multi-tasking and watching the Saudi movie about the girl that wants the bicycle–I’d recommend it), and then 30 minutes on a noodle intermission mid-flight, and then an hour on breakfast (a surprisingly tasty congee with mushrooms) while I watched an episode of Law & Order SVU. (I must have missed something because Detective Stabler was MIA.)

That’s my tempura prawn and dumpling starter. I liked the Asian twist on all the menu options.

So now I’m in Hong Kong airport. I have no idea what day or time it is and I have a bad feeling that I’ve either already lost something or I’m about to. So I’m trying to stay in one place and not move around much. The lounge makes it easy because the serving station is full of dumplings and satay and tempura and it’s soothingly quiet and calm here. Sadly, I have to leave in 30 minutes.

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