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Sushi: Hana

by Krista

Hana Hana
20-21 St Giles High Street


Date of Last Visit: Saturday, May 31

The Victim: Me

The Damage: £15 or thereabouts

The Background: We had thrown around some lunch ideas for our day out to see Sex & The City. I was a big fan of the dim sum idea, but no one else seemed game. No matter, I was still hungry.

Eating dim sum alone though…what fun is that? That’s why I like sushi counters. They are made for the solo diner! I ran a quick search on Time Out of the Japanese places closed to Tottenham Court–I wasn’t feeling like breaking the bank with Roka–and Hana it was. Hana is located upstairs from the interesting little Korean grocery store on St. Giles High Street, behind Centre Point.

The Entrance: I swear Hana is actually run by Koreans, not Japanese. Whatever nationality they were, they sure were nice. Attentive and sweet. I just ordered a standard combo box and it was out in front of me in minutes.

The Food: Nice enough. Although I was suspicious…I never saw the sushi chef cut anything up. Was this platter pre-prepared? I guess that’s efficient. But it took some of the fun out of sitting at the sushi bar.

The Verdict: Well, I don’t know. Sweet enough. But not super-fantastic.

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