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Staying on Points at The Westin Bund, Shanghai

by Krista

Two weeks ago, I was hanging out at The Westin Bund, Shanghai. You know, like in China. Thanks to my Starwood American Express, I had enough points for three free nights. Not bad, particularly in an expensive city like Shanghai.

I’m a little torn about my stay here. On the one hand, I loved the staff and the facilities. The staff were cheerful, knowledgeable and helpful at all times, day and night. The facilities offered everything the modern business traveler could want: there were multiple restaurants, a dark and smoky bar, a nice food/wine shop, and a great gym and pool. Also, the hotel VPN got me around the Great Firewall of China, and I was able to access Facebook from my hotel room.  And room service was relatively inexpensive. My breakfasts were about $10 USD, where the equivalent in the U.S. would be more like $34 USD. I should also note that the hotel’s location was great. Just a few blocks to The Bund (the riverfront) and a few blocks to East Nanjing Road, where all the shopping is.

But the room…the room left me wanting. The closet area was super dark and the shower boasted a light dusting of mold. Also, it cost $6.50 to launder each pair of my underwear. Many people would really be happy here, but it all felt a little…worn. Nice, but worn. Definitely in need of an upgrade.

Would I stay here again? If I had the points to do it, sure. But otherwise…maybe not. I’d look for something a little newer and nicer. So should you!

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Ashley 2014 -

Our room at The Westin was completely different! We did go back in 2007 so 7 years could definitely start to show in the rooms in general. The mold is not ok and I hope you were able to get that taken care of!

Krista 2014 -

The mold was unfortunate, but I survived! Honestly, it’s a nice hotel. Many people will be happy here. Just not for me…

Pep 2014 -

+1 for the naff room at the Westin. The furniture was dirty and the general room felt overall quite oppressive. Staff were helpful but otherwise I think you could find better. Shanghai is stunning though.

Krista 2014 -

Stunning but POLLUTED!!!

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