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{Sponsored Post} Chobani Yogurt

by Krista


Yogurt. I LOVE it. Some of my favorite things in life are Yoplait’s Original Vanilla yogurt and Pret a Manger’s Pret Pots. Ah, and tangy Greek yogurt with the occasional dollop of honey. I am not one for fruit-on-the-bottom. Give me plain yogurt (or maybe vanilla) and I am a very happy camper.

So when the agency that’s distributing the creative behind Chobani yogurt approached me about their product, for me, it was a no brainer. I had no food in the house anyhow, so it was time for some grocery shopping. I found some vanilla Chobani at Whole Foods in Chicago and gave it a whirl over a late-ish and odd-ish lunch. (Marcona almonds. Asparagus. Corn chips. And Chobani. Yes.)

Yoplait used to have a yellow container yogurt that I think was called custard-style although the photos I found online say Thick & Creamy. Whatever the name, it was my favorite given its denseness and richness. (This is odd because I generally dislike dense and rich things like creme brulee.) I haven’t been able to find the Yoplait yellow containers since I moved back to Chicago from the UK in August, so I think they must have discontinued this style in favor of their lighter, fluffier versions. I’m a bit bummed about this.

Given my love of the old Yoplait, I was immediately enamored by how thick Chobani was: hard-shake-off-the-spoon thick. Good stuff. Then there’s the tangy-ness. This is not a yogurt full of sugar or fruit or anything else to give it flavor. (OK, the nutritional information says they use evaporated cane juice.)  It’s just yogurt. I like that. Add that there’s no fat, no cholesterol and only 120 calories in a 6 oz container. You can call me a convert. Need to be convinced further? Check out the video.

I’m a little upset that I haven’t been chosen to give away a case of Chobani like some other bloggers, but I’ll survive. I’m intrigued to see how that works out for them.

The Verdict: Um, yum.

The Disclosure: I was asked to write something about Chobani in return for money. I was happy to do so because I like their product. I paid for the yogurt myself in order to determine if I should write this post.

Why Sponsored Posts
Occasionally, I run sponsored posts on my Web site to help me break even. This year’s blog costs so far include the following:
a year of Web hosting through December for $91; $20 worth of beer for two of the graphic designers I work with in exchange for help with my site; I still have to pay for Typepad through June which will run me $75; $150 to the graphic designer who did my banner, navbar, and background as a retainer on future tweaks. (We’ve been strategizing. I had to give him something.)

That’s $336, and it’s only February.

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Ashley February 21, 2011 - 3:31 pm

Tell Chobani to start selling it in the UK! I miss it and nothing compares. =(

Heather M February 26, 2011 - 1:32 pm

I ADORE this yogurt!! A tub of the 0% stuff with either equal or some herbs tossed in it and I am good to go for a flight! I only wish the smaller sizes came with a plastic resealable top like the larger sizes …..

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