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Southport Raw Bar, Fort Lauderdale

by Krista


Southport Raw Bar
1536 Cordova Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Date of Last Visit: Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Victim: Dad

The Damage: I forget, but it was less than breakfast at The News Cafe. And we had beer at The Southport.

The Background: The Southport Raw Bar is one of those places that your dad takes you to. It's not pretentious. The prices are very easy on the wallet. You don't need a booking. And there are a lot of deep-fried things on the menu.

The Southport is located at the end of a busy canal off of Florida's intracoastal waterway. You can take your boat there. My dad is selling his boat and well, I refuse to actually go his boat after an unfortunate incident with a sandbar many years ago. (Ah yes, and a second unfortunate incident in the Port Everglades turning basin.) So we landlubbers drive up to The Southport.

The Food: Breaded clams are great. I haven't had these in ages. Really, I could have eaten all of them and I am a bit bitter about having to share them with my father, despite the fact that he is partially responsible for my existence. Part of me wants to know where the clams are from (Vietnam? Bangladesh?) and the other part of me doesn't give a damn.

Southport blackened dolphin

Blackened dolphin ceasar salad is another winner. I bet the dressing comes from a bottle. And the salad probably came pre-cut in a big plastic bag. But it's pretty damn good. (And don't worry. I didn't eat Flipper. The dolphin FISH is native to South Florida. You might also know it as mahi-mahi.)

The Verdict: Everyone needs a Southport Raw Bar in their life. Everyone. This place would only be better if they served a local Floridian beer. If there is such a thing.

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topbird January 26, 2009 - 1:34 pm

Hey there, thanks for nominating me!
And look at you – you’re in Florida! Nice one. xx

[email protected] September 30, 2009 - 5:26 am

Time for your return to come to the Southport look forward to meeting you.

Buddy Owner.

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