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Saturday Afternoon Eats: Cafe Valerie

by Krista

8 Russell Street
Covent Garden
London WC2 5HZ

The Victim: ConAnn

I was very tired, I was very merry. And I was very hungry. Long story but my friend Amy from school–who’s bad cop to my good cop–told me I had to meet her friend ConAnn who now lives in London with her husband. So ConAnn and I met up for lunch and, well, what else do you do on a Saturday afternoon but get a manicure?

She lives in an awesome flat on Covent Garden. Rupert Everett was considering buying upstairs. Fancy! So we needed a quick lunch so we could make our manicure appointments so we went to Cafe Valerie.

Oh my God. (And you must imagine my Long Island Accent now.) It was so crowded. We couldn’t even enter. But lucky for us, a table had opened up outside and we scooped it up because it was drizzly and no one else wanted it.

Service was prompt and friendly and efficient. I got the chicken ceasar and it was satisfying. Not the best, but certainly not the worse. It was good. ConAnn got the tomato mozeralla salad, and some french fries. (And why not?) The frites were served in the French bistro way–the big bowl–which I’m a big fan of after spending so much time in the International terminal at Heathrow. (The restaurant in the corner–my secret!)

The Verdict: I’d go again if I needed a quick lunch that was slower than fast food but faster than slow food.

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