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Saigon Sisters, West Loop

by Krista

Saigon Sisters InsideSaigon Sisters
567 West Lake

Date of Last Visit: Thursday,  May 26, 2011

The Victim: Me

The Damage: $11

The Background: Four countries in five days takes a lot out of a girl, so by Thursday last week, I was beat. I needed to curl up on the sofa with a paperback, Oprah, and some good music.

Only problem? I had to write a 12 page document for work. So there’d be no paperback and no couch until that was done. Bummer.

Wagyu BaoTime for some bao then, huh? Need to keep up my strength, don’t you know?  A fluffy bun hugging a bit of tender wagyu beef in coconut milk, along with some sliced jalapeno had things looking brighter. Much brighter.

Bahn Mi at Saigon SistersThis photo doesn’t really do my sandwich justice. I stuck with the traditional Bahn Mi–Vietnamese pork, American ham, French country pate, mayo. A couple of observations…the bread is GOOD. Really good. I have to wonder if they do it themselves or if they use Gonella, the Chicago bread manufacturer or choice. Crispy outside, soft inside.

Also, the mayo. I don’t think this is Hellman’s? Not sure. It’s good. Very good.

Constructively…The ham seemed a bit too deli counter to me, and the French pate was only on one side of the sandwich and not the other. Also, the pate had a bit too much liver going on during one particular bite. (You know…when you remember…oh yes, pate IS liver.)

But regardless of my complaints, put all the ingredients together and this was one heck of a good sandwich.

The Service: A bit chaotic upon ordering. I kinda stood there for a while while the staff took calls, waiting for someone to notice me. Also, I know this is all counter service, but it would have been nice if someone had filled my water up at some point. Lastly, the music was a bit too loud and not to my taste. (The music thing is becoming a regular problem for me in Chicago. I had to leave In Fine Spirits in Andersonville the other night because my throat hurt so much from talking over the music.)

The Verdict: Tasty.

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