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Review of the Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore

by Krista
Pan Pacific Singapore Review: View from the Club Lounge

Pan Pacific Singapore Review: View from the Club Lounge

Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore Review

I stayed five nights (four-and-a-half, really, if you consider I arrived at 2 a.m.) at The Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore and I really enjoyed my stay. It’s a huge conference hotel so it’s a bit soulless at times, but the never-ending wifi connectivity, the awesome pool and gym and the lovely lounge on the top floor with 360 views of Singapore made it a great place to stay for a few days. Here are my pros and cons:

View of the bed. Good lighting.

Pros of the Pan Pacific Singapore:

The Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore is attached to multiple shopping malls. At one point, I needed some passport photos. I was a little worried about where I was going to do this, but no worries, one of the malls had a photo booth.

  • There are multiple dining options: One afternoon, I had lunch at the Indian restaurant in the Pan Pacific — Rang Mahal — and loved it, even though it was a buffet. (As a rule, I hate buffets. They make me feel both a. gluttonous and b. like I haven’t had enough to eat.) I also ate at the bar one early evening. Really, I only scratched the surface of what they have on offer.
  • There’s an excellent gym, open 24 hours. Only three of the four treadmills were working while I was there though, which was a bit of a bummer during peak hours but otherwise, this was a great gym.
  • The wifi was always connected. None of this signing in every 30 minutes or anything. No username, no password = AWESOME.
  • For each day I stayed, I was allowed to get two pieces of laundry cleaned! If you know what hotel laundry pricing is like, this was a huge deal. This was included in my executive club rate, so it may not be included in other rates.
  • I liked that the hotel doorman remembered me each day.

Cons of the Pan Pacific Singapore:

  • Very slow lifts. You would hit the button and sit down because you knew it was going to take forever.
  • I lost my Canon plastic fantastic lens here. (I knew I was going to lose something!) I know I had it in my room and I know it never left the room. I realized it wasn’t in my bag when I got to Vietnam and contacted the hotel immediately. This was roughly eight hours after I left the hotel. They were very sweet and responsive, but no lens. I’m still hopeful it’s somewhere in my suitcase, but it’s not looking good. (Update: They later found my lens in the safe but wanted to charge me more than the lens was worth to ship it to me so I kissed it up to God.)
  • I thought the Executive Club food in the evenings was only so-so. Not enough variety for me. But I suppose it’s meant for snacks and not for dinner, so there’s that.
  • The bath tub seemed a bit beat up.
  • The window blinds were on remote control. Sometimes I think we over-engineer things. It was hard to get the blinds to come down sometimes. Slightly annoying.

My Overall Review of the Pan Pacific Singapore

My overall review of the Pan Pacific Singapore is positive. If you’re looking for a boutique design hotel, the Pan Pacific ain’t it. But if you’re looking for a hotel that you can easily live in for days on end without ever leaving, this is an excellent choice. When I was comparison shopping, the rate I got at the Pan Pacific got me much more than the rate at surrounding properties, so I was happy with my selection and I would gladly stay here again. Reserve your stay now.

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