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Randolph Street Market, West Loop

by Krista

Randolph Street Market SignOn Sundays in London, I would wander aimlessly from Clerkenwell to Columbia Market, and then down through Brick Lane to Spitalfields. Besides for Waitrose and my London flat — the flat which I really should have bought — this Sunday routine is probably what I miss the most about London. (Of course of course my many lovely friends too.)

So when I randomly saw somewhere on the Interwebs that Randolph Street Market was starting this weekend, I packed my umbrella, hopped on the Number 9 bus and headed down for the opening.

Randolph Street MonkeyWelcome. The market is set up in a big parking lot. I entered from Washington, but you can of course also enter through Randolph. The market offers up some furniture (a mix of antiques), some vintage clothing, some vintage jewelry, and a very cool number of massage-worthy vintage handbags. Gotta keep playing those scratch-off Lotto tickets, kids, I tell ya.

Fun Stand at Randolph Street This was one of my favorite stands. It was like a camping catalog…all in plaid and wicker. I wanted to bundle myself up in a wool blanket and help myself to some hot chocolate.

Cool Car Randolph StreetThey had a super cool old wagoneer of sorts in pristine condition. (An old Bronco? I’m not sure.) See don’t you just want to play badminton and count the stars with your St. Bernard?

Vintage Schwinn Randolph StreetThere was one guy selling vintage Schwinns. If your parents and/or grandparents still have theirs, they’re going for $275 to $300 these days so maybe you should help yourself to whatever is in the garage. I’ve been seeing lots of vintage Schwinns around Chicago and totally want to make a photo series out of them. (It’s the seats I love more than anything. Schwinn should bring these puppies back.)

Dinner at 8 Randolph StreetBriefly reminded that I hadn’t made any dinner plans…nor did I want to…today is my day off…

Rakes & Potatoes Randolph StreetThere were no actual potatoes for sale. Just so you know. Also, kinda the wrong time of year for rakes.

Shabby Chic Randolph Street

More Badminton Darling Randolph StreetI had a nice time wandering around Randolph Street Market. Forewarned…it’s $8 to get in which I have to wonder about. ($10 at the gate. Get yourself together and buy online before you leave the house like I did.) There’s a cool jazz band playing, which was fun. There’s a crepes stand and some people selling truffles. Oh yeah, and a guy selling hot dogs. I went to the coffee van and paid $4 for a latte and it was pretty crap so I wouldn’t recommend that. In short, this place just seems to be SCREAMING out for some decent food options. Hmmm.

I’m kinda sad this isn’t a more regular event. I was also kinda sad that there weren’t that many people there. Sometimes I think that all anyone does in Chicago is sit in their apartment and watch sports on TV. Sigh.

The Randolph Street Market happens June 25-26, July 30-31, August 27-28, September 24-25, October 22-23 (Modern Vintage Chicago), and November 19-20 (Holiday Market). If you know anyone with a food truck, tell ’em they should go.

I should also note that one stand vendor indoors did seem to have a problem with me taking pictures. He asked me what I was doing and I explained that I had a blog and liked to write about things like this. The conversation didn’t go much further than that; he just seemed distrustful. You know…because I look so dangerous.

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