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Pies: Pieminister

by Krista

Duke of York Square by Partridges on the King’s Road
No phone

Date of Last Visit: 23 September 2006

The Victim: Kellie

The Damage: 3.50

The Counterbalance: 3.2 miles!!!

The Background: Kellie and I kicked ass in a 5k this morning. It was the London Tree-athlon. This was funny because everyone thought we were doing a Tri-athlon, but although we’re rock stars, we’re not that much. We were all the way over by Albert Bridge (one of my fave bridge’s at night.) Schau…


Anyhow, it wasn’t night. And we only walked across the Albert Bridge. And I only borrowed this photo from Flickr. But the point is, when an East London Girl is over on that side of town, she must linger. So wearing our race medals proudly around our necks, we made our way down the King’s Road.

And Then What Happened?: Well, we were hungry. And it was still pretty early. So we were walking down the King’s Road NOT wearing fantastic sunglasses, and stumbled across this little food market by Partridges. I introduced Kellie to the American Section–American Cheerios for 7.50, anyone? And then she bought some Mustard Gouda. It was delicious.

I saw the Pie Minister. And I thought to myself, Pie for lunch! Now that would be nice. See, I’ve been thinking about Pie’s a lot because my friends Nate & Kelly are set to arrive in London any day now, and Nate is really into Pies. In fact, he’s talked about opening a pie shop in Chicago. So I’ve been compiling lists of pie places to stop at. And Pie Minister is one of them. So I bought one–the matador, which was beef and chorizo.

And Then What?: Well, then I had to get home. So I made it all the way back, popped my pie in the oven (180 degrees for 20 minutes) and took a shower to wash away the 5K. My flat smells so good right now, it’s not even funny. (Because of the pie–not the shower.) 20 minutes later, I took out my pie and gobbled it all up. I probably ate it too fast. I did not savor it. And this makes me sad because I kinda feel like I need to get another one so I can truly eat slowly. I have just finished my pie as I write this.

The Verdict: Cheap thrills. Do it.  That being said, the Matador was supposed to have beef AND chorizo in it and I didn’t see any chorizo. But that didn’t detract from the tastiness.

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jon Simon September 27, 2006 - 12:08 pm

Hi there… saw you rblog.. i own pieminister nad i am relly sorry that you didnt get any chorizo in your pie… we do try to make sure that there is plenty in each pie but sometimes you can be just plain unlucky… if you want to tr another on please print off this email and take it to the stall where you can swap it for another pie (this one will be on us)… Thanks for writing about us in you thingy… regards



Krista September 29, 2006 - 9:32 pm

OMG. The guy from Pieminister posted to my little blog? Really? My friends are very impressed. I may be stopping by Spitalfields on Sunday and will give the Matador another try! (And I know one of my locals carries your stuff too, so I may be in there within the next week with my pie-researching friends.)

Jon Simon December 12, 2007 - 10:32 am

Hi There… I am really pleased you liked my pie… we do spend a lot of time trying to get it right… Sorry you didnt seem to have any Chorizo.. I can assure you we do throw loads in.. looks like on this occasion some lucky pie fan got your bit….sorry…

If you are ever in Bristol pop in and will buy you another one….


jon July 15, 2008 - 9:20 am

I have just noticed that I have posted the same thing on your blog twice now. I have also noticed that i cant spell very well.. I really should have worked harder at school… oh well.!


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