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Paxton & Whitfield

by Krista

Paxton and whitfield sign

Paxton & Whitfield
93 Jermyn Street

Date of Last Visit: Saturday, January 17th, 2009

The Victim: Me

The Damage: £20

The Background: Bryan and Stacey have invited me over for dinner. As the non-cook in the group, I've been assigned the cheese plate. I have to stop at Fortnum & Mason for some foodie gifts, so Paxton & Whitfield, famed London cheesemonger, it is. And I am glad.

The Entrance: Cheese, cheese, and more cheese! I like that at Paxton & Whitfield, the cheese is all out in front of you in nice big wheels. OK, it's like this at Neal's Yard too. But at Paxton & Whitfield, it all just seems so much closer.

Paxton cheese

The Selection: I put myself in the hands of the cheese monger. I ask for an all English plate. Something creamy, something blue, something different. £20, I've got three cheeses: a smoked cheddar (which ends upbeing my favorite), a stilton, and of course something that I've completely forgotten. Not because it was unmemorable, but because my memory is as holey as swiss cheese.

The Verdict: Pricey, but worth it.

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The Greasy Spoon February 9, 2009 - 8:43 am

There’s always a wonderful cheesy smell hanging around Jermyn Street. It’s a great thing that shops like P & W still survive- like Allen & Co, Mount Street, W1.

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