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Passadis del Pep, Barcelona

by Krista


Passadis del Pep
Pla del Palau, 2
Barcelona 08003

Date of Last Visit: Friday, July 17th, 2009

The Victims
: Barry, Natalie, Chris, Evelien, Robbie, Barney, Susan

The Damage: About 80 euros each

The Background
: I’m in Barcelona for the wedding of my good friends Richard & Mireia. We’re to meet for drinks at 10 p.m. (this is Barcelona after all), so Barry organizes dinner for us at Passadis del Pep beforehand. When he tells me that it’s down a dark alley, I don’t put things together. But then I vaguely remember reading this in the New York Times.

The Entrance: We’re more than a little bit late. But it’s fine. We grab our table and the food starts its immediate procession, served by gentlemanly waiter-types. First is the jamon (above) and it is, of course, lovely. It’s accompanied by some pan con tomate, which is just okay, really. Actually, it tastes a bit old. I don’t say this out loud of course. I just think it.


Then come the clams, and they’re pretty great. I could eat a lot of these. But I don’t. Because Passadis del Pep is one of those “we keep bringing you food until you say stop” types of palces. And next up are the anchovies…


And I eat a lot of these. They’re great…crispy, fired in all the right batter, lemony. I feel distinctly unladylike, asking again and again for someone to pass me the plate of anchovies. I feel like a cat. And I’m allergic to cats.


Somewhere after the very delicious snails/whelks come the pimentos de padron and I’m struck by the fact that some of our table have never had pimentos de padron before. How is this possible? How have you lived? I tell them that 1 out of 11 is spicy. Just in time for Robbie to have a spicy one. These were better than good. A bit crispy. And good salt.

Ah, and this is where I put my camera down as things begin to go downhill. Some prawns arrive. And they’re okay. And then some more prawns arrive. (Of a different sort.) And they’re okay too, but I’m kinda tired of prawns. Then a server comes to our table and asks “Pescado o carne?” and we say “Carne!” And two more plates of prawns arrive. (Two different types of prawns.)

I’m serious.

I like prawns.

But I was a little prawned out.

Plus, we were late for drinks. So we rounded up the bill, with thanks to Susan’s Spanish, and made our way out into that dark night, to the party on the roof of a hotel, where we all wore white.

The Verdict: Eh. Things started off well. And the company, of course, was tremendous. But really…how many prawns can a gal eat? Maybe this would have been better if we were all a bit more chilled out about things. We were late and had to leave early. Never a good combo.  All that being said, I kinda think that maybe you should still go here, next time you’re in Barcelona. Just maybe.

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john July 29, 2009 - 4:11 pm

Just got back from barcelona myself and had an amazing meal at http://www.22alfarestaurant.com/ Sadly I was athe only one there and not because it was early–I left after 10pm and no else showed up–but I had an amazing 3 course meal, ending with a lemon foam covered crema catalan. I stayed in the neighborhood which is the town’s old industrial sector now being turned into a tech corridor.

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