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Pan Asian in a Box (Not a Pan): Pacific Oriental

by Krista

1 Bishopsgate
Tel: 020 7621 9988

Date of Last Visit: Wednesday, June 29

The Victims: Phoebe, Ann, Sales Guy

We had a meeting at the office with Alan, our sales guy. It was a good meeting, and it gave us some material to work with. He invited us out to lunch, and we had chatted the day before about where I’d like to go. I had suggested anything but Thai or Chinese because I felt I was eating a lot of Thai and Chinese lately. Damn that Silks & Spice!

Well, someone mentioned Bento Box and I was OK with the idea of Asian food all-of-a-sudden. Although I think I was thinking more sushi than anything else. So we entered Pacific Oriental and for 1:30 on a Wednesday, it was pretty dead. Hmmm.

We sat, we ordered. Sales guy ordered a baby beer, so so did I. I went with the Bento Box–the fishcakes, the veggies and been curd, and I think there was supposed to be something else? Oh, soup. I went with the miso. They enjoyed some high margins on me, for sure. Everything was average. Nothing super tasty. I loved the box and kept trying to get excited about my food. But I just couldn’t. Everyone else looked like they were trying to like their food too, but to no avail. It wasn’t bad food…it just was missing a little something. Maybe it was music. Maybe is was salt. Maybe it was more cheerful service. I don’t know. It just wasn’t all that hot. IMHO.

The Verdict: I don’t know. Maybe I’d go back. But only for the Happy Hour with the 1/2 price drinks and 3 quid snacks!

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