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“Not So Dim” Sum: China Dream

by Krista

Somewhere on Hampstead High Street
Tel: 020 7794 6666

The Victims: Chris, Evelien, Connie, Shin, Michael, Two of Connie’s Friends

Date of Last Visit: Sometime in December

Connie recommended this Dim Sum place up in Hampstead. I had never been to Hampstead, and was eager to expand my geographical horizons. Funnily enough, my friend Shin was in town and wanted to meet up, so this was a perfect idea. Now, the problem is that every Web site out there says this place is on Heath Street. No. 68. We did not find it there. We instead found it on Hampstead High Street after asking everyone we saw if they knew of a dim sum place around. (Everyone we saw was, conicidentally, from my country). It’s somewhat across from Barclay’s, and it’s past the crepe cart if you’re walking away from Heath Street.

Anyhow, we get there for our 2 pm booking. Me and Shin. No one else shows until 2:45, leaving Shin and I feeling odd. Has everyone forgotten? Where is everyone? Reservations are important!!! The wait staff is kind, but desperate. They want us to eat!

Finally–we have a quorum so we say, "Commence," and the commencement commences. For 12.95 each, the dim sum just keeps coming. Yummy, yummy, yummy. You have no choice–there is no cart. It just arrives. Included in your 12.95 is some delicious noodles (a very large bowl) and some of that Chinese seafood porridge that I can’t get enough of. We were delighted. The only people who weren’t delighted were probably Connie’s friends, who arrived in the middle of our debauchery and missed a lot of the party. They wanted to order just a few pieces for themselves, but with the rest of us ordering the fiesta, the waitstaff wasn’t up for that. They knew the score.

Anyhow, my verdict is GO and delight yourselves in never-ending deliciously delicious dimmity-dim-sum.

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