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My Flavourly Craft Beer Box

by Krista


I learned something the other day. It’s really hard to take a photo of a box of beer. Unless you have a good table, a clean backdrop, and some props. I have a glass dining table and it just didn’t work. I debated using my bed as the flat surface but that seemed weird, and then I had the backdrop problem so there really was no good solution.

So you will have to forgive me. I’ve stolen a photo of a Flavourly beer box from Flavourly’s web site rather than showing you what mine actually looked like. Their photo is MUCH nicer.  (See, good table, plain backdrop and PROPS!)

So what is Flavourly? Formed in 2012, Flavourly is the UK’s fastest growing artisan food, snack and craft beer discovery service. Through their monthly deliveries, they help foodies and craft beer enthusiasts discover artisan foods, snacks and craft beers.

If that sounds like I took it straight from the PR, you’re right. I did! I never said I wasn’t a little lazy.

But here is what’s funny. The PR contacted me about Flavourly and then I went to the opening of the very nice cocktail bar WM Barker & Company under Dirty Dick’s on Liverpool Street, and I met the very lovely Hannah from Hiver, the honey beer, there. We got to talking and I mentioned Flavourly, thinking I was coming up with a really unique idea that would help her grow her business. Hah, such misplaced confidence. Hiver is already in with Flavourly, and when my box arrived, there was Hannah’s beer, right there!

Here’s what I received in my box…

  • 19th Brew Golden Ale by Eden Mill: Refreshing and well-balanced golden beer.
  • Amber Ale by Fourpure: An American amber ale with toasty malt character.
  • The Brown Honey Ale by Hiver: Honey complements and adds depth to darker roasted malts. Very, very interesting.
  • Black IPA by Stewart Brewing: Fresh pine and tropical aromas.
  • Black Saison by Firebrand: Dark and full or roasted malt flavors.
  • Azimuth IPA by Hardknott: A balanced hoppy beer.
  • Seven IPA by Seven Brothers: Classic American IPA. Possibly my favorite.
  • Rose Wheat Beer by Ticketybrew: A rose wheat beer, probably my least favorite.

I also got some snacks which I ate immediately. They were from Man-o-Masa. Chipotle & lime tortillas and some white cheddar too. They were nice…maybe a little too grainy for my taste. I was much more interested in the beer.  And well, if I were Flavourly, in making snacks part of the package, I might work on my snacks to beer ratio. I know eating is cheating in the UK but still…

I’ve done some research on Flavourly since my box arrived and learned that they went on Dragons Den and EVERYONE wanted to invest. Flavourly then turned them all down and went on to earn their own money through Crowdcube. SMART guys, very very smart. They earned £300,000 through crowd-funding, which is amazing. The company has grown a tremendous amount…I found one article that says that they’ve grown more than 500% a year since 2012. When they launched the club in 2013, they received 4,000 orders on the FIRST DAY. Check out this article for more deets.

OK, I’ve given it some more thought and maybe my photo isn’t too bad…I took it on the kitchen counter and then Instagrammed it up…


Flavourly costs £24 quid a month and includes 8 beers and 2 snacks. It’s a great Christmas present for the beer-lover in your life.  If I drank more beer at home, I would totally subscribe! It is now definitely on my list as my new go-to birthday present for folks that like beer.

Flavourly was kind enough to send me a beer box for free. I enjoyed my Flavourly experience and would highly recommend it to beer-lovers in the UK.

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Antonia November 30, 2015 - 8:28 am

Debated using your what as the flat surface?? Enquiring minds need to know…

Krista November 30, 2015 - 7:16 pm

Fixed! Sorry. Not sure how that word disappeared. Bed! Beer on my bed!!

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