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Modern British: Tabernacle

by Krista

55-61 Tabernacle Street
Tel: 020 7253 5555

Date of Last Visit: Friday, December 9th

The Victims: Too many to mention

The Damage: Unknown

It was holiday party time, so Feathers had done a fabulous job at organizing us and booking us into Tabernacle. We had the whole back room, which was fantastic. Very festive.

From the moment I dropped off my coat, service was very friendly and sweet. There was an unfortunate incident at the end when they tried to take away Javier and Zak’s seats and I got mad at them, but otherwise, they were wonderful.

My starter was well, the foie gras. I think I will ban foie gras from my repertoire in 2006. Goat’s cheese. It’s all going to be about goat’s cheese. I ordered the sea bream and I think I was the only one. In hindsight, I don’t think I would order it again…it had bones in it! And you know how I feel about working for my food. It was, however, VERY TASTY. So if I can just figure out how to eat fish served with some of those tiny bones, I’ll be in good shape. Maybe eating more fish will be my resoltion in 2006…I will become a fish expert and really start to know the differences between haddock and cod and well, sea bream.

For dessert, I had a very beautiful cake with chocolate sauce. It was very lovely and moist and delicious. I was a good girl and only ate a little bit of it. Which was sad because it was so delicious and heck, what did I do on the way home? Picked up some chips from my local doner kebab stop!!!

The Verdict: I like Tabernacle. It’s a bit austere and cold, but the food was lovely and the service was lovely too.

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Feathers December 11, 2005 - 11:25 am

I do love this blog. I am going to add a few comments to elaborate. First, Cay Tre. Food was very nice, especially for the price. I got a bit annoyed with the service but for cheap noodles who can complain. The waiters couldn’t anticipate a single need. They came up to us 6 times to order when we were still talking then we had to hunt and I mean literally I jumped from the table and stalked to get the bill. The problem is they don’t look up when they walk around. I swear they run from table to table with their heads down so very hard to get their attention.

As Krista said the beef packages were sooo yummy. I loved my spicy noodle soup too. Different from Krista’s and I think spicier. It was 6 pounds and might have had an entire chicken. I too struggle with slurping and whenver I get a noodle soup I end up with little splashes on my shirt from where the noodles dropped back into my bowl. Oh Well.

As for Tabernacle, I would definately give it the thumbs up for food. The appetizers were wonderful. Good Olives and I judge harshly on my olives and these fabulous toasted almonds that I swear had a lime sauce on them. Then the best was the chorizo wrapped in bacon with I think some date in there. I had a slight buzz at the end cocktail hour and actually pretended to be a waitress and walk around offering it to our office. When I love food I insist upon sharing because I want everyone to agree with me it is great.

Dinner was very nice. Had the butternut squash soup which was creamy and had a nice flavor and then the guiny fowl. Never had guinee (sp?) fowl and loved every bite. I got the panna cotta for dessert to be different and it was quite nice but I was jealous of everyone’s chocolate Christmas cake so I kept sneaky pieces off my boyfriend’s plate.

All in all very good food!

Happy Christmas everyone!

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