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Mexican, Dirty Bar: Cafe El Paso

by Krista

Cafe El Paso
350-354 Old Street


020 7739 4202

Date of Last Visit: Sometime in mid-June, 2004

The Victim: Claudia from Work

So one night, I wanted to have a girls night from work. Claudia was up for it. She’s great…crazy Romanian, married to an Englishman she met in Vegas. So I wanted margaritas, and we were going to go to La Perla in Covent Garden, but I just happened to call them up and it was very hot outside and they said their air conditioner was broken. So screw that.

So we went to this place called Cafe El Paso.

I believe in the Internet and patron reviews, and all the reviews said this place was great. So we arrived, and it was really dodgy. And I mean really dodgy. There was no one really there (uh, I had made a reservation) and it was dirty and suspicious looking.

But we stuck it out, although Claudia admitted later she was tempted to suggest the restaurant across the street.

And I was happy. Because my first margarita was delicious. My third even more so. Service was friendly but spacey, but I kinda liked that.

My favorite part was when the waitress told me the fajitas didn’t come with tortillas, they just came plain with meat and veggies. But if I wanted, I could have some nachos. Nachos!!! When the tortillas finally showed up, I was so happy because they just made everything much more delicious.

Claudia got the tacos and completely licked her plate clean. It was amazing.

I will go back to Cafe El Paso, but I think it takes a certain type of person to appreciate it. It’s like a fast food bar, to be honest with you. There should be peanut shells on the floor or something.

The Verdict: Go, but keep your expectations low and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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