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Three Meh Meals in Chicago

by Krista

Daley PlazaOhh controversy. I’m about to tell you that I’ve had some pretty underwhelming and crap food in Chicago lately. I’ll take the blame. I just showed up; I didn’t do any research. I just went where I was told to go and ate the food that was put in front of me. A lot of people eat like this.

But it was all crap. Crappity crap crap crap. One of the photos I’m about to post might make you lose your faith in humanity. Who does this to food? WHO? And why do we, people who live in this land of plenty, why why why do we insist on putting this processed, greasy shit into our bodies?

America, if you wonder why we’re all lard-asses, you need look no further than the nachos at John Barleycorn’s in Wrigleyville. (Look away! Look away!)

Nachos at John Barleycorn's WrigleyIn the immortal words of Mr. Gordon Ramsay, “FUCK ME.”

Heaven on SevenThen I went to Heaven on Seven, a Chicago classic. (The original Wabash location.) I am not an expert on Canjun food whatsoever, but My fried catfish po’ boy was dry and underwhelming, and my gumbo was a cup of indeterminate brown sludge and white rice. (I checked out many gumbo images and couldn’t find anything that looked like what I had. Although I did not take a photo myself, my gumbo looked just like this one on Flickr .) What I remember most about Heaven on Seven though is how my feet stuck to the floor and my elbows stuck to the table. I am a fan of peanuts on the floor at any fine establishment but…

I did like the display of hot sauces though.

And then…pizza at Pizza Serio on Belmont in West Lakeview. While not offensive or terrible, the soft floppy crust and the mess it made of our various toppings left me depressed, when I had been so very excited about their brick oven. Also problematic: our server was largely missing for most of our meal.

So given these three meals plus a myriad of others (La Pasadita, anyone?) I’m in a funk about food and Chicago at the moment, especially after returning from a week in London where each meal was better than the next, at all points along the price spectrum. Maybe I need to get out more. Maybe I need to make better choices and do more research. Maybe it’s the economy or maybe I need to find new friends! I don’t know what it is. But something’s not right. And putting cheese and salt on it isn’t helping.

Someone, help me redeem these meals. Please.

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(@JustFoodTweets) (@JustFoodTweets) June 23, 2012 - 11:26 am

Food Blog – Three Meh Meals in Chicago: Ohh controversy. I’m about to tell you that I’ve had some pretty underwh… http://t.co/ouNByOI2

(@CaterhamHill) (@CaterhamHill) June 23, 2012 - 12:19 pm

Three Meh Meals in Chicago http://t.co/QXiSjspp

doug June 23, 2012 - 12:29 pm

Those nachos are beyond terrifying. I somehow missed the description of what they were when first reading the post, so I was totally baffled as to what that pile of…food(?) was supposed to be.

I’m still not sure I believe they are nachos.

Krista June 23, 2012 - 2:14 pm


Cara @ Gourmet Chick June 23, 2012 - 5:50 pm

Those nachos look horrendous. The (limited) travel I have done in America makes me think portion size is an issue as well. On the bright side – looking forward to hearing about your London highlights!

Krista June 23, 2012 - 10:57 pm

SO wish you were still in London. So many new places! Kind of crazily amazing. xx

pidgeon92 June 24, 2012 - 10:22 pm

Heaven on Seven was one of our most favorite places. Every time we went downtown, we’d go there. ’til the last time. When the Shrimp Voodoo had been under the heat lamp wayyyyyyy too long. And I watched them put my jalapeño muffin the microwave at the bar. That was at least five years ago, and we haven’t been back. Never again.

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