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Meat: Bar & Grill

by Krista

2-3 West Smithfield
Tel: 08704422541

Date of Last Visit: Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Victim: Emily

The Damage: 40 GBP each, with 2 drinks each and dessert.

Emily was in town from Chicago, on a combined fun/work trip. Coincidentally, her London office is 2 minutes from mine. We met exactly in the middle and went out for a drink at SOS, and then headed over to Bar & Grill.

Now, I wanted to try B&G because there was this one time, where Feathers, Canadia Boy and I went to the Abbaye at Smithfield, and I had forgotten all about scoping out the b&g. In the taxi on the way home, I saw it there and said, "Duh!" (I like the Abbaye, but I’ve already been to their South Ken locale.)

Anyhow, Emily and I entered and we were sadly some of the few people at the B&G. We were guided inside to a nice comfy table, and our waitress quickly introduced herself and the specials and offered us cocktails. As they say here, "Spot on!" Seriously, she was very efficient and friendly and nice.

Emily convinced me to try some of her Campari and Soda, and may I just say that I am NOT a fan. Uggh. Bitterness. Luckily, the daily bread at the b&g was absolutely delicious. And the olives we ordered were probably some of the nicest I’ve ever had…it wasn’t just olives, but rather all sorts of olive-y type stuff in a a nice little bowl.

I should mention still that there was no one in the place. (Then again, remember I like to eat at 7 and the rest of the country doesn’t.) There was one other table, and then two, and then maybe a max of 5 by the time we left at 9:30.

For entrees, I had the ostrich and it was fantastic. I like ostrich. It’s like chicken and beef together. Good stuff.  Emily went with the fillet and it was a very generous portion…with the nice criss-cross marks on it. Oh yes, I had the chips and she had the garlic mash and we exchanged portions and were equally pleased. For dessert, we split the banofie pie, which I just love. But I’m a sucker for bananas, so ignore me.

So my big question about this place is WHY IS THERE NO ONE HERE? Honestly, the service was really great and the food was fantastic–basic but fantastic. They need to cut back on the empty glasses on the empty tables, and the empty picture frames are a bit weird, but honestly, the cooking is nice.

The Verdict: Go here. They’re doing all the right things. (Although I’m not so sure how I feel about the sinks in the loos. Someone is spending money on the wrong things.)

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