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Marylebone Farmers’ Market

by Krista

Just some photos from London’s Marylebone Farmers’ Market, which can be found every Sunday off of Moxon Street in Marylebone. Is it my new favorite? I haven’t decided…






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Helen Yuet Ling Pang August 14, 2008 - 10:24 am

I miss the farmer’s market! I used to go a lot when I lived off the high street. I haven’t found a better replacement yet. And I’m passing the the Brilliante Weblog Premio 2008 Award onto you!

Robin August 14, 2008 - 4:09 pm

I work just round the corner from here, but the market is the reason to go back to my work “‘hood” at the weekend! It’s superb.
Incidentally, I just found you by googling “the beehive W1” and your post was about the third link… Nice work and cool blog!

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