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Maison Bertaux

by Krista

Maison Bertaux
28 Greek Street

Date of Last Visit: Saturday, February 28th

The Victims: Four university students I took on a Foodie Tour of London

The Damage: £15 for all of us

The Background: So after taking Kiwi musician Flip Grater on a Foodie Tour of London (and a vegan tour, no less), I thought I might try to make a little side-business out of doing this. Yup, that's right. I'm now offering customized gourmet food tours of London. To get the kinks out, I'm taking four university students from my old university in the States for a quick spin around Soho. Maison Bertaux is our last stop.

The Entrance: Maison Bertaux is cramped and kitschy. I dig it. And the window displays just look so over-the-top, jam-packed with food. My tour group squeezes into a table of four and we start making our selections.

Maisonb cakes

The Cakes: We split some cheesecake and a chocolate éclair between us. (I've tried to encourage the guys NOT to eat a full meal at each stop on our London tour. This has been hard. Must do a better job of outlining this upfront.) All the food looks a bit better than it tastes. The cheesecake isn't as good or gourmet as what I had at The London Review of Books, but it's fine.

The Verdict: A fun place to visit, more for the kitsch than the food.

The Reminder: Tell your friends about my gourmet tours of London!

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Gourmet Chick March 17, 2009 - 2:31 pm

Good idea Krista – I wish you every success!

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