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M. Henry, Chicago

by Krista
M henry outside

M. Henry
5707 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60660

Date of Last Visit: Sunday, October 18th, 2009

The Victims: Christina, Kent

The Damage: $15 each + one $50 parking ticket.

The Background: I miss pancakes. And french toast. Home-made blueberry muffins. Corn muffins. Grits…I love grits. (And I’m a Yankee by birth. A southerner only by my parents’ retirement–and many would argue that South Florida doesn’t “count.” But whatever the case, me liking grits is saying something.) Ah, and I miss American bacon, crispy crispy American bacon. I never knew there was any other sort of bacon until I arrived upon these shores and was handed ham when I asked for bacon. So my first stop last week when I arrived in Chicago was breakfast with my good friends Christina and Kent at M. Henry on Chicago’s northside.

M henry pancakes

The Entrance: I’ve somehow convinced Christina and Kent to meet me at 9 a.m. for breakfast. This is way early for brunch. Even for the States. But we know M. Henry doesn’t take reservations and we also know they’re super-popular. And I also know that I’m super jet-lagged.

We arrive at 9 and already, there’s a 15 minute wait for a table. We power through it and nearly exactly 15 minutes later, we’re seated and ordering. Christina and I opt for the pumpkin and pecan pancakes, topped with blackberries, apples, and caramel syrup. They’re pretty outstanding…soft and warm and delicious. Ah, and two sides of crispy American bacon, of course. My only possible recommendation is the pumpkin…pumpkin on it’s own isn’t so exciting. I think they could have tarted the pumpkin up a bit

M henry breakfast sandwich

Kent opts for the breakfast sandwich. That’s toasted sour boule layered with two over-medium eggs, applewood bacon, sliced plum tomatoes, gorgonzola, & fresh thyme and served with house potatoes. Apparently, every time he goes to M. Henry, he tries to order something else, but he can’t. It’s always the breakfast sandwich. I have a moment of sandwich envy. But just a moment.

The Verdict: I like M. Henry. They do good breakfasts. Constructively, I felt our silverware could have been cleaner. And I felt a little rushed, but that’s probably only because I’ve lived in the U.K. too long and am just not used to having my bill arrive unasked for. I’d also say that if you’re visiting Chicago, you should only go to M. Henry if you’re up for a field trip…5700 North Clark is way north of downtown. (9 miles?)

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thefrogprincess October 29, 2009 - 1:00 am

I so understand missing American breakfast; my first meal back in the US in September was my dad’s pancakes. I have a theory that the bacon you grew up on is the bacon you love. I love American bacon and while I’ll eat the British stuff, it doesn’t scream breakfast to me in the same way that US bacon (preferably hickory smoked) does. The same holds true for sausage, except that I actually like British sausage, just not as a breakfast food.

Molly October 29, 2009 - 11:40 pm

If you ever go back (and are in the mood for savory) the Huevos Borrachos at M Henry are my all-time favorite breakfast. Only Sundays though, which drives me crazy as I always crave them on a Saturday.

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