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London Gastropub: The Horseshoe

by Krista

28 Heath St
020 7431 7206

Img_1458_r_2 Date of Last Visit: Friday, June 15th

The Victim: Sarah and a very well-behaved Arielle

The Damage: £16.50 for two, with wine!

The Background: The first time I ever went to Hampstead, I got a little lost, and everyone I stopped for directions was American. I thought this quite funny, although three years ago, I probably would never have phrased a sentence that way. (It would be more like, "Oh. My. God. It was like SOO TOTALLY funny!)

It’s hard to believe it’s been two and a half years, two flats, two passports, and one work permit renewal since I’ve been up in Hampstead, so I am excited to return for lunch with Sarah. (And as I write this a few days later on a lovely Sunday morning with Otis Redding playing on my iTunes, I am actually trying to rally myself to head up to my friend Mark’s place in Hampstead for a barbecue. No Hampstead visits in ages, and then two visits in three days!)

Well, Sarah and Arielle and I wander down Heath Street to check out the local Hampstead gastropub, The Horseshoe, and I instantly fall in love.

The Love: For £7, we get a lovely ceasar salad, a seat at the window overlooking a lovely little courtyard, and a lovely glass of white wine. Our service is perfect and the company is just what I needed.

The End: It’s very clean and neat and tidy and relaxing on a late Friday afternoon. I feel well-rested. I’ll be back.

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Stonch's Beer Blog July 12, 2007 - 1:23 am

Hi. First off, this is a great blog. I found it through Technorati – it told me you’d linked to me. Thanks for that!

The Horsehoe’s foody aspects didn’t overly impress me, but the brewing aspect did (hey I wouldn’t be writing a beer blog if brewing didn’t get me going). The Summer Ale is great. If you didn’t try it, you need to go back and do so. Cheers!


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