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Japanese: Matsuri St. James

by Krista

15 Bury Street
Tel: 020 7839 1101

Date of Last Visit: June 6th, 2008

The Victims: Craig, Leanne, Mikaela

The Damage: Unknown. Craig paid!

The Background: Craig is back in the U.K.! Craig was my dining companion during the summer of 2004, when he was in London for work. He discovered Kurumaya for me back then, still once of the nicest little sushi places. We also checked out Sweeting’s together, which I’d really like to get back to one of these days. And just a few weeks ago, we explored Sakura and Abeno Too.

He’s invited me out for sushi (of course) with his wife and daughter and he’s done his homework and we find ourselves at Matsuri St. James. (You may remember Guest Blogger Jon from Oishii Oishii who reviewed Matsuri Holborn the other month.)

The Entrance: The staff is very happy to see me. There’s a lot of bowing and they take my coat and show me to the bar. I chat with the bartender and a businessman who is waiting for his Japanese guests. (Good sign, right?) The bartender tells us funny stories about people missing the entrance to Quaglino’s right up the street.

Craig has booked the sushi bar downstairs. Most of Matsuri seems to be made up of teppanyaki-style seating, with the exception of the sushi bar in the corner.

The Food: We proceed with the ordering. I know I only have to vaguely mention soft shell crab for Craig to say yes and they arrive and they are gorgeous. There are many rolls and some vegetable tempura and some sashimi–the scallops are particularly lovable. We are all very very happy. But we forget to take any pictures, so Craig takes a photo of the tuna roll the guy next to us is eating.

The Verdict: I like it here. I’d go back.

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