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Italian: Centonove

by Krista

109 Westbourne Park Road
London W2 5QL
020 7221 1746

The Victims: Rutton, Ashley, Vir, Luca, Mira, Asara

Rutton promised us a fabulous Italian meal. This is always dangerous when you’re on Atkins AND you live in a country that doesn’t believe in doggie bags but still charges 14 GBP for a bowl of pasta. So I ordered a plate of meat (prociutto like stuff) and that was good. Very yummy, actually. I can eat that stuff forever and ever. We got two bottles of wine–a Valpolicella and a Cabernet Something Italian–and they were good too.

I made the mistake of ordering the mixed salad (insalata mista) and it was the worst salad I ever had. It was very messy, and I’ve become quite addicted to my baby spinach these days, and any salad that doesn’t have baby spinach is no good to me. The people who ordered the gnocchi got it right–it was the best gnocchi I’d ever tasted, in a nice tomato sauce. Yummy. Rutton got the ravioli and they were quite plain. Luca got a dish that looked fabulous–some sort of steak.

I forced everyone to get lemoncella afterwards. Can’t get enough of that stuff.

Atmosphere-wise, I really liked Centonove. It was dark and romantic. Service was friendly and prompt. Snaps for that. And it’s across the street from a really cute pub–The Westbourne Tavern? So if I wanted to do a combo evening again–drinks and dinner–I’d go back to Centonove. But I might wait until I’m off Atkins! Pasta is evil.

The Verdict: Go, get the gnocchi. Stay away from the salad!

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