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Indian: Gulshan Tandoori

by Krista

15 Exmouth Market
Tel: 020 7837 7437

Img_0727Date of Last Visit: Friday, March 2, 2007

The Victims: Brook, Shane, Suzanne, Tory

The Damage: £15 each

The Background: After a couple of after work drinks, it made sense to have dinner. I suggested a certain Brick Lane (hey, I think it’s fun), but as it turns out, Shane’s wife got really sick after our last visit to Brick Lane (and you know I am convinced they all share one kitchen underground) so we skipped that and headed to Exmouth Market.

I really wanted to go to Dollar Grills and Martinis, but alas, it was jam-packed so we were denied. Luckily, Gulshan Tandoori was right across the market. We (well, I really–and the rest followed) marched straight in.

I’ve never seen people so glad to see me. The staff were so nice and friendly and welcoming. It was nice.

The Loos: Not so nice and welcoming. Very wet. UGGH. Gross.

The Food: You must remember that by this point, the beverages had been flowing for quite some time. So everything, in my mind, was quite delicious. Particularly the chicken jalfrezi. I think that was the table favorite. The palak paneer was also quite nice. And the garlic naan, was, of course, a great way to mop everything up.

The Verdict: Friendly service. Good food. Nice prices. A dependable standby. But gotta do something about the loos.

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Chad June 29, 2007 - 11:50 am

I wouldn’t reccommend this place. I’ve been a few times (glutton for punishment), and it’s pretty nasty.

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