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Gastropub: The Anchor & Hope

by Krista

36 The Cut
Tel: 020 7928 9898

Date of Last Visit: March 11, 2005

The Victims: Bevin, Julie

The Anchor & Hope puts the gastro back in gastropub. It’s not often that I have to ask for menu definitions. At the A&H, I found myself asking many questions about the menu, in a good way. Did I want the rabbit? Stinking Bishop? (?) What did I want?

But I’ve gotten ahead of myself. The A&H won me over at the bar. Bevin asked for a dry red, the waitress recommended one, we said yes, and voila it arrived and it was dry. Very dry. Normally (as in 50% of the time) in this country, if you’re just at the bar, you find someone saying, "That wine is quite nice" and little else. This wine was dry, dry, dry! The barkeep–she delivered.

Then the dinner. I debated. I wanted the cassoulet after a fantastic dinner in Paris back in September, but alas it was cassoulet for two and my dinner companions would not partake. So I went for the pigeon, breaking my rule of "Now that’s a dirty bird. I will not eat that." This was after a long chat with the waiter who knew everything.

I must say the pigeon was quite nice, although a bit too rare for my taste. The semolina (I think it was semolina anyhow) was delicious, and Bevin’s side choice of kale was a wise selection. I am a kale convert.

The cheesecake was a poppy cheesecake–almost like a lemon poppy seed muffin. The creme caramel was also fantastic. As another plus, I left my scarf at the bar early in the evening, and on my way out at 11:40, there it was, wating for me. On the downside, the espresso was a bit bitter, the tables and overall space a bit crowded and stinky (I think it was the stinking bishop), but I might go back on a weekday night when it’s a bit less crowded.

The Verdict: If you want gastro-scene, go here. They don’t take bookings, so be careful on a Friday or Saturday night.

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