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Gastro: The Cow

by Krista

89 Westbourne Park Road
Tel: 020 7221 0021

Date of Last Visit: Thursday, Sept 1

The Victims; Kristi, Adrien

The Damage: I don’t know!

My old college roommate, Kristi, was in town from NYC. Kristi and her husband might be moving to London, which would be SO fantastic for me. I’m so excited. So Kristi arrived Thursday a.m., and they met me at the office at 4. I took them to my place and we had some drinks on the river, and then headed all the way over to the other side of town to The Cow, which I had heard was tasty. And gastro, which well, I’m a sucker for.

So as usual, I like to eat at 7ish and no one was there. But that was okay. We had some delicious starters. Unfortunately for you dear readers, I had had two glasses of wine by this point and can’t remember what they were. NO! That is not true. Risotto! It was VERY good. And some other things, that I definitely can’t remember.

Service was friendly. They were slightly less than efficient. I remember we sat there for quite a long time before anyone took our order.

I went with the sea bream? (or some sort of white-ish fish) And potatoes in some sort of cheesy sauce. It was good. But not the greatest. I regretted not ordering the filet and frites. That looked fantastic.

We drank more wine. We talked about the old days, but luckily not about the costume party where I fell off the desk after imbibing too much punch. Adrien ordered more wine, which was quite delicious, and I think our server caught on that we were nice people, festive people. I am so terrible and so not the best blogger because I know we got dessert and I don’t remember now what it was. It might have been that banana pie (Banofie? I can never spell it.) Basically, I got on a plane the next day and flew 11 hours, halfway around the world, and everything gets pretty hazy after that because I was jet lagged, it was HOT, and my friend Tyson works for the world’s largest wine producer.

The Veridct: Eh. I wasn’t super-impressed. I can remember what I had at Ran, the Korean place, more than I can remember what I had here.

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