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Gastro: Coach & Horses

by Krista

26-28 Ray Street
020 7278 8990

Date of Last Visit: Tuesday, October 4, 2005

The Victims: Too many to mention. 12 others?

The Damage: Unknown!

We had a cornucopia of international visitors, so it was time for the obligatory dinner. I use the word obligatory loosely. You know I don’t mind.

I’d heard great things about Coach & Horses, so I booked a table there via Toptable.co.uk, which for the first time ever, didn’t automatically confirm my booking, but rather got back to me in 24 hours.

I wisely told everyone to be at the C&H for 7:30. Most got there a bit before 8, when the booking actually was. We had a great spot by the bar, although I don’t think the staff and other guests liked pushing past us all that much as we mingled before sitting.

Atmosphere…rustic, basic. Sparsely decorated, but warm and inviting all the same. I liked it. Something Scandinavian to it, perhaps. Service…efficient, if brusque. She was always available, and brought us everything fairly quickly.

I had a delicious starter–greens and goat cheese and figs. Very very good. Jeff sent his salad back and asked for one of mine instead! For my main, I went with the mackeral and chips. The mackeral was great and I learned how to eat fish off the bone. You’d think I’d know this already, but you have probably seen me mention that I do not like to work for my food. I’ll be adding this as a new Fooditude. Soon.

The chips were good, but not great. It was almost like they weren’t cleaning their fryers. Then again, maybe our standards at the beach were too high. We cleaned those things once a week? And we made a lot of fries.

Jen and Niculie got the risotto and it looked goupy. I don’t think they enjoyed it. Keith and Jeff, however, split the hock and some sort of nice big white beans, and it looked and tasted fantastic. Totally amazing. Bummer that it was only served for two.

The Ladies: I was surprised. It wasn’t super nice. I think they can do better. And add a candle or something. The atmosphere just was so not gastro-pub.

The Verdict: It was good. Not as good as I thought it would be. Too much hype! But good just the same, and I might return, just in hopes of getting the ham hock with those yummy beans and mysterious green substance!

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