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Friendly Italian: Sugo

by Krista

135 Kensington Church Street
W8 7LP

The Victims: Renee, Cheryl, Matt

Date of Last Visit: Thursday, March 24

So we are supposed to go to The Churchill Arms to meet Lee and her brother. We go, but as I somewhat expected, the place is packed and we are so not eating there anytime in this lifetime. So we leave after one beer and go in search of sustenance.

My ideal product is one which will tell me where the good restaurants in der Naehe sind. But alas, if it’s out there, I do not know about it. So we walk. We do not walk far when we come across Sugo. We feel like a little Italian. We go in, we sit down, and our overly friendly waiter tells us about the Parma Ham. I love Parma Ham. We bite. And we also ask for some mozzerella. It’s fantastic. Our waiter forgets completely about our drinks, but it’s fine otherwise. The music totally sucks and is tinny. They could invest in good speakers.

So there we are, waiting for our entrees. They arrive. I have the parpadelle and sausage, and it’s amazing. I love it. Cheryl has the risotto, and she loves it. Renee has the spaghetti carbonara, and she also loves it. Matt gets seafood risotto, and he says his seafood is bad. This is why I only order seafood (besides for salmon) in seafood restaurants. Honestly, my entree is completely lovely.

For dessert, I say no but Cheryl and Matt split the Tiramasu. To our surprise, our spacey waiter brings us some polenta apple cake, just for the hell of it. It is delicious. This is a recipe I would like to find. Honestly.

The Verdict: It’s not so fancy. It’s very casual. Yet, I like it. My meal was superb. Service was a bit off, but heck, it’s London, no? So I might say if  you’re looking for an 8.50 entree in the ‘hood, this is a good option.

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