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Frankfurt: Holbein’s Restaurant im Städel

by Krista

Holbein’s Restaurant im Städel
Holbeinstraße 1 60596
Frankfurt, Germany
Tel: + 49 69 6605 6666

Img_2297editDate of Last Visit: Sunday, October 7

The Victims: Too many to mention.

The Damage: Unknown!

The Background: I haven’t been to Germany since 2003. Kinda scary how time flies. So I was excited to go to Frankfurt, although it ended up being one of those trips where I didn’t see much besides for the Flughafen, two taxis, and the hotel.

Ah yes, and the very lovely Holbein’s Restaurant im Städel of course. Although it was dark by the time we got there, so I really didn’t see much of the restaurant–from the outside, that is. I got the sense that we were in a museum. And I think I am at least partially right.

The Entrance: This is a big group dinner, so we are greeted with glasses of Proseco, and who doesn’t love a nice glass of Proseco? There is a receiving line, somewhat akin to a wedding, which we think is funny. The servers are funny too and they love my rusty German–particularly the part where I asked what was for breakfast–when I meant dessert. Sigh.

The Beginning: Is a nice salad with some cheese. It’s nice. And I’m reminded how much the Germans love salad and vegetables. It’s not like London where you can’t really get a decent starter salad that doesn’t cost you £8 for just some lettuce. (Except at Pizza Express, of course.) This is followed up by surf and turf, and I start looking for the bride and groom. I am not a big fan of lobster (which, btw, is Hummer auf Deutsch, which I totally forgot). And red meat has never been my thing. But the steak was very nicely done–pink all the way through, and nicely seasoned. And it was all served up with some wedges and some bernaise sauce. If I were at a wedding reception or a 50th anniversary dinner, I would be very happy.

That sounds awful because it makes it sound like I didn’t enjoy my meal. I did. But it was just such a catered event that I can’t stop making comparisons.

Washing it All Down: Glasses of the lighest, prettiest German Riesling that I must get the name of.

The End: An assortment of chocolate desserts. Nothing to complain about here.

The Loos: Clean, clean clean. Another reason why I like Germany so much.

The Very Very End: A glass of Beerenauslese, which was quite lovely, back at the hotel bar.

The Verdict: I’d totally hold my wedding reception here. For sure.

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