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Crepes: The Creperie

by Krista

Img_2739The Creperie
95 The Stables Market
Camden Market

Date of Last Visit: Saturday, December 29th

The Victim: Me

The Damage: £5 or thereabouts, with a Diet Coke

The Background: I am wandering around looking at Danish furniture again. Thank God I’ve completed the table and chairs purchase. Now it’s time for a sideboard.

Instead, I buy an ice bucket. A teak ice bucket. For £34.

I’m crazy. But at least I took the tube and not a taxi there and back.

The Food: So me and my ice bucket saddle up to The Creperie for a late lunch. I really wanted an arepa, but the guys must have been away for the holidays. So crepe it was.

I went savo(u)ry. For the daily special. Ham and cheese and spinach.

The ham was cheap ham. The cheese was congealed. The spinach tasted like old, wet spinach.

I threw it away. And I took my ice bucket and skedaddled.

The Verdict: Uggh. Plus…they were selling mulled wine for £2 and hot apple cider for £1. But the sign for the apple cider was obscured, so a couple of people just figured the £2 was the price of the apple cider too. I would have thought the same. As I was waiting for my crepe, I listed to the dudes behind the counter talk about how funny it was, that everyone was paying £2 for the apple cider when it was only £1. So not only was my crepe pretty gross, but they’re rip off artists too.

Catch-Up: This list is more for me than for you, but I’ve got a lot of catching up to do…St. John in Archway, Le Garrick off of Covent Garden, Big Red in Holloway, No. 5 off of Oxford Circus, Westbourne House in Westbourne Grove…

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chrisc January 21, 2008 - 1:15 pm

I was born and brought up in North London.
Camden Market might have been interesting when I was at school (late 70’s!) – but it was still a dump.
Now it is simply an uber-dump.

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