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Cabo San Lucas: Mi Casa

by Krista

Cabo San Lucas Street
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur
Tel: (624) 143-1933


Date of Last Visit: Tuesday, July 25, 2007

The Victim: Mom

The Damage: About $100 USD.

I’m in Cabo for the wedding of Feathers and Matt. You may know them from previous posts. I decide to head out to Mexico a few days early because last time I flew to the west coast, I felt like I’d been hit by a truck for days on end. Jetlag–sometimes it gets you, sometimes it doesn’t.

Being the good daughter that I am, I decide to bring my mom along with me. Also being the person I am, I’ve done a ton of research before heading over the pond, and I’ve booked a few restaurants in advance. The first restaurant is Mi Casa, which comes highly recommended by pretty much every food board and guidebook. And it’s Mexican. And despite last week’s visit to Mercado, I’m suffering withdrawal.

The Entrance: You have to walk through the gift shop before you can get to your table. ( That’s it in the picture.)

The Decor: I can see why some people would like the inside of Mi Casa. I like the lighting…there are really pretty lanterns hanging everywhere. It’s very colorful.


The Food: Is gross. Disgusting. I am so terribly disappointed. I start with the tortilla soup, which a lot of people have raved about. Well, it tastes like Campbell’s tomato soup with Fritos in it, but not as good. There’s some sour cream and a piece of avocado too. But for 55 pesos, or roughly $5 USD, I’m just disappointed.

And my main? UGGGH. It’s a poblano pepper stuffed with seafood. Now doesn’t that sound nice? Fresh and delicious? Well, I don’t think the seafood was fresh at all–my gag reflex is kicking in as I write this, it was so yucky–and the dish was smothered in cheese. Cheese and seafood just don’t seem to go together. Yuk. Yuk. YUCK!

My mother had some sea bass which was nice enough, but it was served with white rice and what looked like Birdseye vegetables. That’s what I call a ripoff at $20 USD. (And a high margin dish.) Now they did deliver some corn tortillas and some salsa, which was a nice touch. I took half a tortilla and wrapped it around some sea bass and thought that was nice. But just nice.

The Bottled Water: A bottle of San Pelligrino set us back 95 pesos, or roughly $9 USD. Now that’s a GRANDE ripoff. (Or is it Ripoff Grande?)

The Loos: Could use a stiff, stiff cleaning.

The Verdict: Yikes. I don’t know why everyone loves this place. I thought it was pretty freaking average.  And $9 USD for a bottle of sparkling water? I think not.

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