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Buttercup Cake Shop Cupcakes

by Krista


Buttercup Cake Shop
16 St. Albans Grove
W8 5BP

Date of Last Visit: Saturday, March 22

The Victims: Sarah, Rachel, and Arielle, all of us on a little bit of a sugar high.

The Background: After polishing off our Crumbs & Doilies cupcakes in the car, we make our way to Buttercup in London’s South Kensington. It’s tucked into a sidestreet, and Rachel wants you to know that the parking is crap. It’s a sweet little shop with two little tables. We order three big steaming mugs of tea and an assortment of cupcakes.

The Cakes: My favorite is the peanut butter and chocolate cake…the icing is just right. Just peanuty enough, not cloying. I have trouble with the vanilla cake…the icing is so sweet, my teeth ache.

In comparison to the Crumbs & Doilies cakes, the cakes at Buttercup look a little amateurish. Part of me says that’s part of their attraction, but the other part of me says I could probably do better myself.

I start to get a headache from all this sugar…and we’re not done yet…

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Eater's Regret April 3, 2008 - 10:36 pm

Oooh a cupcake post, looks so delicious. I haven’t come across a good cupcake bakery in London yet, will definitely have to try this place out.

Shimz May 29, 2010 - 3:30 pm

Personally, when it comes to cake I think taste is more important than looks.

Sure presentation is part of it, but you’ll only be looking at them for a few seconds, then they’re gone.
Take The Magnolia Bakery chain for example, (made famous by their association with the dreadful Sex and the City series).

Most online reviews for that establishment are very mixed, erring on poor.
The staff are often very snooty or rude, and the cake is often very dry. On the whole, quite overrated.

It might all look very nice, but they let themselves down in some very important areas, crucially the taste, which is what you are paying for.

I have no problem with something that looks simple, if anything it reflects the fresh handmade nature of the cupcakes you’re buying, and having tasted them I know I couldn’t make cakes that taste better myself.

Been so popular it stands to reason that they are very busy people, so if the presentation needs to be simple for the sake of time so be it. As long as they continue to taste good, which in my experience they do.

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