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Burger & Lobster, London

by Krista


A three-trick pony. Do you want a burger? Or do you WANT SOME LOBSTAH? Lobstah for me, please. Ah look, it’s a decision tree! Lobster-lobster or lobster ROLL???

I choose roll. And it’s a mighty fine lobster roll, given that it’s on the wrong side of the Atlantic and all. Even the fries are good. I want more sauce. More sauce! You can do all the tricks in the world, pony, if you do them all THIS GOOD. And Burger & Lobster isn’t even new! It’s new to me, but it’s old for London. The bloom should be off the rose, but it’s not. It’s really not!

I have a moment….Why did I ever leave this place? Why???

I am prepared to throw it all away for a mini-chain lobster roll.

The weird part though is that there are 20 million Japanese tourists there when I’m there and they are all taking photos of their food. (Errrr…yes so was I. Awkward.)

The Verdict: You know you want to.

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