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British: Market

by Krista

43 Parkway
Tel: 020 7267 9700

Date of Last Visit: A Saturday night recently.

Victims: Al & Louise

Damage: £35ish for starter, main, dessert and lots of tap water.

The Background: We have been planning for ages to have an international dinner club, where we go all over London in search of interesting ethnic restaurants. Unfortunately for us, just like the French server I mentioned the other day, we too seem to be suffering from a bit of ennui. Outside of one sparsely attended Ethiopian meal, we've yet to make this a regular occurance.

Our tentative plans to head to New Malden for Korean fall through. So I suggest Market in Camden, which Dos Hermanos liked.

I read online that there's a small step into the restaurant, and to watch out for it because a lot of people fall INTO the restaurant. "A lot of people" is right. As our meal progresses, I lose track of the number of people who fall into Market. Someone is going to hit their head soon–if they haven't already. These guys need a ramp. Or a sign. Or both. I see stiches in Market's future. Maybe even a law suit!

Starter: Goat cheese tart. Too gooey. I am jealous of Lou's pig's head terrine.

Main: Pork belly. Side of dull knife. Crispy crackling. This was a bit of a challenge until I procured a sharper implement.

Service: Forgot to tell us about the specials. Wouldn't let Louise order her steak well-done. (Never ask well-done of a French server.) Other server was much better.

Wine List: VERY affordable.

The Verdict: Everyone seems to like this place. By everyone, I mean my boyfriend, famous London restaurant critic Giles Coren. I love Giles*. But I don't love Market.

*Giles isn't really my boyfriend. Except when I close my eyes.

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Douglas March 19, 2008 - 9:58 am

Let’s go to The Square?

Libertygirl March 19, 2008 - 7:21 pm

Nice to know someone reads me! (And that you had prior step warning). LLG xx

Jeanne March 20, 2008 - 11:41 am

The step story reminds me of the old Glas premises at Borough Market – I literally fell into the ladies’ there, also despite the sign saying “step ahead”. Good thing there was nobody to see my balletic moves to save myself from a very unhappy landing!!

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