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B.O.G. Hotel, Bogota

by Krista

IMG_6655Ah, the calla lily. I had no idea I loved the flower so much until I entered a hotel that was full of them. I have to wonder if this is a year-long thing for the B.O.G. hotel in Bogota or seasonal. Regardless, I loved the B.O.G.’s calla lilies. And I really liked the B.O.G. hotel as well.

IMG_6456The hotel was all about light and texture. Check out the panel behind the bed. Burlap-y. (We saw the same texture later in the craft market. We’re not sure if this is a typical Colombian textile or not.) The handles on the closet doors were leather and metal. The curtains on the windows, gold and gauzy, and the sheets on the bed very crisp and very cool and smooth. A comfortable sleep, except for the smoke detector that chirped at me at a piercing volume in the middle of the night. (The hotel investigated and couldn’t find anything. But I swear to you…loud smoke detector chirps two nights in a row! You know the type…the ones that make you bolt straight out of bed in the middle night wondering “What’s happening? What’s happening?)


The lovely bar on the ground floor — always curiously empty during our stay and wont to close by 10 pm  — served a mean lulo fruit mojito. I sort of needed to lie down after this baby.

We saw very few guests during our stay at the B.O.G. This is either because we were visiting in the off season, or Bogota is not yet on your travel map. If it’s not there, it should be. We felt safe and secure during our entire visit to Bogota, the food was great, and the people were friendly and helpful. If you do visit Bogota — and you should — I’d recommend the B.O.G. hotel. My one note would be about the hotel’s location. Bogota is a big city, and the B.O.G. might not be super-convenient to everything you want to do and see. That being said, taxis are cheap and plentiful, so if you’re willing to sacrifice location for style, you should do it. Do it!

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bogotahotel September 28, 2013 - 3:53 am

I heard about B.O.G hotel, hoping to visit the hotel soon.

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