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BBQ: Bodean’s

by Krista

4 Broadway Chambers
Tel: 020 7610 0440

Date of Last Visit: Friday, March 17th

The Victims: Feathers, Feathers’ Boy

The Damage: 20 quid each

We were trying really hard to celebrate St. Pat’s. We started off in Marylebone in a bar packed to the rafters with young and old men. Only a handful of women in attendance. And Feathers and I were probably half of the handful.

Feathers’ Boy arrived and we called for a change of venue. Boy suggested Brogan’s in Fulham, so we headed west. The bar was lightly packed upon arrival, but two Guinness (or was it three?) later, it was HEAVING. And we were hungry. And well, our feet hurt from standing for so long. Also at this point, we had lost track of the number of beverages consumed, which suggested that food was not really an option anymore–it was a necessity.

We figured our chances of a good meal were slim on a night like this, but we wandered right into Bodeans and were seated immediately with no probs whatsover. They had just opened two weeks earlier. Love the booths at Bodeans…big leather six-seaters. (I wonder if they make people double-up and introduce strangers in order to make the most of their capacity?)

Service was quick and friendly. Very cute, tool. We quickly placed three orders for baby backed ribs. I got the fries and the beans, Feathers went with the corn muffins, and Feathers’ Boy also opted for fries. Also a side of nachos.

My beans were FANTASTIC. Really, really good. Fries were fine. Corn bread muffins were delicious. They were suspiciously perfectly formed, which does make me wonder a bit about their origin. But who cares when they taste so delicious.

Loved the assortment of BBQ sauces. Loved the Sam Adams. NASN was on while we were there, so we caught some Final 4 action.

Now–the ribs. See, the only place I really eat ribs are at Flanagan’s in Fort Lauderdale. These ribs are so lucious. They fall off the bone. And they just the right amount of sauce on them–you’re not swimming in it.

Not so at Bodean’s. They ribs were smokey and firm. Nothing falling off the bone. It’s not that they weren’t meaty…they were quite meaty. But they were just not super-tender. We later spoke to the catering manager, and he explained that most places in the US steam their ribs first and then grill them. That wasn’t his preferred way of enjoying ribs, so Bodean’s doesn’t do it that way. I’m not saying the ribs were bad–they were quite tasty–but I think I like my ribs steamed. And with a bit more sauce to them. (The Bodean’s preparation meant that you had to put the sauce on the ribs yourself. I like my ribs cooked in the sauce.)

I’ve skipped the nachos though–oh boy, they were good. Great chips. The right amount of cheese and sour cream. I think I could have used some refried beans in the pile–or maybe some ground meat. But these puppies were sufficiently delicious without either.

The Verdict: Worth it for the beans and the nachos. Verdict out on the ribs–just not my style. Oh yes, I also found Bodean’s to be a really good value. I was surprised by the prices–our 1/2 racks were 8.95, and came with 2 sides. In the US, this would easily be more like 12.95+.

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