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Bath: The Pump Room

by Krista

Pump_roomPump Room
Stall Street
Tel: 01225 444477

Date of Last Visit: Sunday, April 27th

The Victims: Aunt Ursula & Uncle George

The Damage: £25 or thereabouts

The Background: Our feet HURT. I knew the Roman baths were big, but I had no idea HOW big. We’ve been in the baths in Bath ALL DAY. I am tired. Weary. And in need of some tea and cake.

We wander all around Bath in search of tea and cake and end up back where we started, at the baths. The Pump Room is attached to the Roman baths and we settle in for some tea.

Service is swift and efficient (they are closing in 45 minutes) and my carrot cake is really and truly lovely. It’s got an orange twist to it which is unexpected and delicious.

Pump_room_pastries Uncle George gets the trio of pastries and we are jealous momentarily until once again distracted by how wonderful the carrot cake is.

All throughout, there’s a live orchestra playing. It is all so very peaceful and mellow.

We leave refreshed, but we are happy to never see another Corinthian column again as long as we all shall live.

The Verdict: The Pump Room in Bath is excellent for a place that could easily be a tourist trap.

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Douglas May 14, 2008 - 6:17 pm

Now, here they charge for the local water. And it smells of egg. Did you try it? And are the waiters there still taking orders using palm pilot things? Looking forward to our Michelin meal!

Tara Deal May 15, 2008 - 11:24 am

Next time you’re in Bath and in need of some relaxation, try the Thermae Spa, right around the corner from the Pump Room. So wonderful and relaxing and they have a nice little cafe, where you can take a break between steam rooms and have a good, cold Bath Ale.

Bath360 January 25, 2009 - 9:16 pm

Nice photos and blog. Love the city of Bath!

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