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Amsterdam: Luden

by Krista
Luden inside

Spuistraat 304-306
1012 VX Amsterdam, Netherlands

Date of Last Visit: Monday, February 23, 2009

The Victims: Jeff, Pieter, Simone

The Damage: Unknown! Jeff paid.

The Background
: It's my first full day in the Amsterdam office and we make plans to go out to dinner. Only problem is that no one can decide where. I liked Envy so much that I would seriously go back, but being the selfish person that I am, I'd also like to see a bit more of Amsterdam. Jeff suggests Luden and makes us a booking.

The Entrance
: Luden is off the main tourist drag, and for that I am grateful. That being said, thank God for my CrackBerry and Google Maps because otherwise, we never would have gotten there! We enter and it's all golden and candlelit. And well, a little bit dirty. I don't know, maybe it's just me.

We get a table across from the kitchen and I can watch the dishwasher half-heartedly hose the dishes down before putting them in one of those big silver boxes where God knows what happens to them.

Luden carpaccio

The Food: Beef carpaccio for me to start and, well, it's just fine. It's hard to screw up meat and cheese. It's somehow not as good as the carpaccio Richard and Mireia made me before Christmas.

Luden kangaroo

This was followed by kangaroo steak and potatoes. (I'm sorry. I couldn't resist it.) Hearty. And pedestrian. If you didn't go out to eat a lot, you'd probably be happy with this dish. But I thought it was pretty average and a cop-out. Green beans and potatoes! Exciting!!!

Oh, and my plate was dirty.

The Verdict
: Eh. Okay. But not great.

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canelvr March 14, 2009 - 3:03 pm

Hi there! Was just checking out your posts on Amsterdam…I get sent there for work a couple of times a year and up till now have not been overly impressed with the food there. The places I ate at (Casa di David, for example, and a couple of places on Utrechtstraat) were tasty but in a club-you-over-the-head/so-sickly-I-can’t-make-it-past-the-starter sort of way. The impression I’ve got is they like their food filling… I’ve made a note of Envy, though, and will try and convince my colleagues that we need to check it out!

Krista March 14, 2009 - 3:34 pm

Really, I highly recommend Envy if you’re in Amsterdam. It was really great.

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