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A Good Burger: Gourmet Burger Kitchen

by Krista

200 Haverstock Hill
Tel: 020 7443 5335

Date of Last Visit: Friday, June 9th

The VIctims: Too many to mention

The Damage: 10 quid a head

Echo’s husband has just moved to the UK from China, so we wanted to get together and do a little something social for them. Jimmy suggested GBK, mostly because it was conveniently located to his flat and it had a big outdoor seating area. But also because the food is good and not-so-pricey.

Well, there were 11 of us, so that meant the outside seating wasn’t going to happen. They showed us to a table in the way back of the restaurant. Two tables, actually, because there were too many of us to seat togetether.

The hostess was very friendly about this, but the waiter was kinda a jerk. We couldn’t sit here, we couldn’t sit there, we were in his way, we couldn’t have an extra chair, etc. Someone obviously felt that their job was too important. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to worker in a burger restaurant. No, really, I don’t.

Anyhow, we had some Budvars and felt better. Then we ordered our burgers. Mine was just a cheese burger and it was really pretty good. I think I prefer my bun a lot more toasty, but honestly, it was good. And the fries were nice as well. But fries are kinda hard to ruin unless you undercook them. (Which does happen frequently, but not here.)

Everyone seemed really happy with their food, and the bill was pretty reasonable.

The Verdict: Not a destination, but if I were in Belsize Park, I’d go again.

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