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51 Buckingham Gate, London

by Krista

BedroomThis is a belated review of my nearly two-week stay at 51 Buckingham Gate in London back in October. Let’s get the blog-stuff out of the way. I paid for this stay myself, but lest you vastly overestimate my personal worth, through a right conspiracy of forces in my personal life, I was able to stay here at a very, very good “discount” that was completely, totally and utterly unrelated to my blog. I never would have stayed here otherwise. (And no, work didn’t pay for this either.) I am being deliberately mysterious here because  I am just trying to figure out if what I did for the discount was worth it and that evaluation is still in progress. I don’t want to mislead you until that evaluation is complete. More to come around April.

IMG_4585Anyhow, even at just one bedroom, the flat I occupied at 51 Buckingham Gate — just a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace — was bigger than both of the flats I lived in while I was in London. The bedroom in my suite was huge. The living room/lounge was huge. The master bath/en-suite was HUGE. Heated towel racks galore — and Molton Brown products — for just me. Plus an extra half-bath just in case.

That being said…it kills me to say this…SIZE IS NOT EVERYTHING. The Dean Street Townhouse and its lovely small rooms completely outshone 51 Buckingham Gate. So too did the room at my first stay at a Firmdale Hotel — The Covent Garden Hotel. Both Dean Street and The Covent Garden go luxury in small spaces over large spaces with, um, a half-hearted attempt at luxury. Another hotel also very good: The Zetter. All of these hotels had such a better mix of furnishings, service, and on-site beverage programs.

IMG_4592Because let’s face it…I got kicked out of the bar each evening at 9 p.m. 9 p.m.! I wasn’t there every evening, I promise. But I was there for a few. And around 8:45 pm each time, the staff would tell it was time to go — I was welcome to stay and avail myself of butler service — but the staff was going home.

IMG_4583Bah. Thinking back to what I liked about the place…I liked the Molton Brown products, and I liked the Whole Foods gift basket they gave me because I was staying more than six days. (That being said, I would like to speak to the person who assembled the gift basket because I think they could have put together a more useful combination of stuff. I have a liter of olive oil I’d like to get rid of now.) I liked the twice-daily room servicing, and I liked the library/cafe area.

IMG_4582I didn’t like the carpets in my room (they’d seen better days), nor did I like the windows (they let in the chill). The master bath, while HUGE, was old and in dire need of a refurb. I did not like the location most of all —  the area south of Buckingham Palace is a wasteland of government buildings and is just very, very boring.

In short, even should the fates again conspire to put me here, I’d only say yes because I miss London so desperately that I am open to selling any part of my soul. (Seriously.) Otherwise, you can find me arbitraging on Hotwire.

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Just Food Tweets (@JustFoodTweets) January 22, 2013 - 3:16 am

Food Blog – 51 Buckingham Gate, London: This is a belated review of my nearly two-week stay at 51 Buckingham Gat… http://t.co/puCB7Ckc

Caterham Business (@CaterhamHill) January 22, 2013 - 5:10 am

51 Buckingham Gate, London http://t.co/f2qlqHWg

Londonstuff January 22, 2013 - 12:30 pm

And there was me, thinking about sending you a tweet offering to put you up for a few days for free because after reading your blog for years and following you on Twitter it’s obvious how much you miss London.

I thought it might be to your taste: I’d be out all day, want nothing in return and live very centrally so that it’s easy to get round. I’ve even let people stay before whom I’ve met on Twitter and they’re all still alive and nothing bad happened to them. Such a pity then that I live just down the road from Buckingham Gate, in the wastelands of Westminster where it’s very, very boring. Oh well. 🙁

Krista January 23, 2013 - 4:13 pm

Hah! Hey, I am open to all offers! Do you have wifi?

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